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248 podcast is a show dedicated to all things nerdy. From Star trek to the hottest new anime series, hosts Brently Sproles, Malachi569, They call me the Jackrabbit, and Rexstyle Raptor use their skewed sense of reality and perversion to take you on a journey. Based near Asheville, NC the team talk comics, movies, anime, video games, and all forms of nerdy and geeky media. 2 Guys, 4 Color, 8 Bit records weekly and does a decent job of uploading weekly as well. Future endeavors include: Reviewing Conventions and Spin-off shows like: Drunken D&D. Tune in to this pod if you enjoy all manners of geekdom and silky, nougat filled voices

S T A F F:

Brently Sproles, Founder/Editor/drunken irishman

Malachi 569, Social Engineer/pun lord

Rex "style" Raptor, Marketer/Producer/italian mobster

TheyCall Me The Jack-Rabbit (you have to say the whole thing), Producer/ adult supervisor